Why I Created this Blog

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

I'm going to spare you the sob story and skip to the facts.

  1. I published the book A Girl's Guide to Poker about six months ago.

  2. Despite some fantastic reviews, the book isn't selling.

  3. My publisher's latest email? "Extremely disappointing obviously."


I've sold about 300 copies to date, which is excellent by my mom's standards, and an abject failure by actual businesspeople standards.

I have a literary agent (yes, a live one!) interested in pitching my next book to publishing houses. She said she wanted to wait until my first book sold more copies. "How many copies?" I queried her. "I look for the thousands," she replied, "4 thousand or so."

Super ouch.

So right now I'm scrambling. Trying to do everything I can to spike massive book sales by the end of the year. Including starting this blog.

Please join me in cracking the code of making a bestseller. Also, subscribe to my email list. Every expert says that's important. Let's put them to the test.

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