Website Logistics - Dot Com vs. Dot Net

If you're reading this post, I'm going to take it you like my site (thanks!) It wasn't easy to make, but it wasn't terribly hard either, and speaking author-to-author here, I thought I might share some logistics.

  1. This website took me about two hours to make. I used Wix because it's an Israeli company and I love supporting Israeli innovation, plus their templates are highly customizable and creative. (Note: I have created many websites using templates before so am fairly experienced.)

  2. My biggest decision-point was the domain name. was taken. So I was between using that title as a dot net, or (spoiler alert) the current title as a dot com.

First, however, I did my research. Was it better having an increasingly rare dot com name, or a your dream name author page as a dot net?

My first inclination was to go with my desired choice as a dot net. According to the internet, that was a clear mistake.

I expected the articles to say it was a toss-up and drown themselves in pros and cons. But nope: it was a pretty clear that dot com was the way to go.

So if you're creating an "author platform" website, a landing page for your book, or simply trying to start a blog, feel free to copy my notes and go the dot com route, even if your website sounds one word too long. ;-) Here's to looking at you, MICHELLESBOOKSRIGHTNOWTHISVERYMINUTE . COM !!)

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