The Cost of Promoting a Book

Now that I'm taking book promotion seriously, it's starting to get expensive.

Heck, I spent around $60 just to get this site up and running.

I'm trying a lot of things: giveaway site memberships, P.R. agent/publicist work on Upwork and Fiverr, newsletter software, how-to books, and very soon I'm going to be running Facebook ads. It all adds up. Seriously. So much so that I've been getting extremely stressed.

But there is a ray of sunshine: I won a poker tournament tonight. Yay! Hallelujah -- it neatly covers the costs of my promotional expenses (and, hey, maybe a nice dinner for two with my boyfriend.)

I feel so grateful; and, more importantly, it gives me more confidence in my book (I did write A Girl's Guide to Poker, after all).

It's easy to lose faith in your product when you're not selling. At least, not selling in the numbers I'm targeting. So hopefully this little boost yields big results.

Fingers crossed,


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