Choosing Amazon Book Categories

If you've gone down just about any self-publishing/book promotion rabbit hole, you've probably come across the holy grail of importance: book categorization.

For those who aren't familiar, Amazon ranks your book relative to its category. It is much more difficult to be the #1 bestseller in Biographies & Memoirs for example than #1 in Petroleum Engineering. (Unless you're Britney Spears, in which case, #FreeBritney and I'd be happy to buy your novel!)

Choosing book categories requires a bit of skill and can be a bit tedious, although copy & paste helps. Book marketing expert David Gaughran says in his latest book Amazon Decoded that you can select up to 10 categories if you contact Amazon directly.

Right now my book usually oscillates between #30 and #300 under Books> Humor & Entertainment>Puzzles & Games>Poker, which I actually think is fairly decent given my sales numbers. It's not a hyper-competitive category.

HOWEVER, it is completely foreign to my audience. (1) My book is for women, and most people searching for poker books are men, and (2) My book is directed towards beginners and newbies who never even considered the magic of poker before. I want the all mighty #AmazonAlgorithm to recommend my book to women who read things like Why Men Love B*tches and 101 Scrapbooking Ideas or whatever the latest Maria Kondo has up her wrinkle-free sleeves. Mainstream, feminine women.

So here are the categories I'm suggesting:

For the eBook:

- Kindle eBooks>Politics & Social Sciences>Women's Studies>Women Writers

- Kindle eBooks>Politics & Social Sciences>Women's Studies>Feminist Theory

- Kindle eBooks>Teen & Young Adult>Education & Reference>Psychology

- Kindle eBooks>Teen & Young Adult>Education & Reference>Careers

- Kindle eBooks>Crafts, Hobbies & Home>How-to & Home Improvements>Do-It-Yourself

- Kindle eBooks>Humor & Entertainment>Humor>Comedy

For the book paperback version:

- Books>Humor & Entertainment>Humor>Business & Professional

- Books>Humor & Entertainment>Trivia & Fun Facts

- Books>Politics & Social Sciences>Women's Studies>Women Writers

- Books>Crafts, Hobbies & Home>Crafts & Hobbies>Guided Journals

I'll need to cut some because I don't want to be removed from the poker book rankings, but wanted to share with you what I'm thinking. The most questionable category path is probably Kindle eBooks>Politics & Social Sciences>Women's Studies>Feminist Theory, but there is a similarly-styled book called Poker Woman which lists itself as such, so I thought, hey, why not? Two can play at that game. And for once I'm not talking about poker.