Amazon Book Categories: "Business & Professional Humor"

A few posts ago I shared that I asked Amazon to update my book's categories. (yay -- follow-up!)

They only said they'd include a few of my requests, but honestly, not half bad:

- Books>Humor & Entertainment>Humor>Business & Professional

- Books>Humor & Entertainment>Trivia & Fun Facts

- Books>Crafts, Hobbies & Home>Crafts & Hobbies>Guided Journals

This seems to be a much more accurate view of my book then just the poker category.

At first I didn't notice any changes, and I was at my normal ranking for books on Poker (usually #200ish), #300something for Guide Journals, and #500something for Trivia & Fun Facts.

HOWEVER, today I noticed something! Here is what my ranking looks like today:

Huzzah! Does this mean someone ORGANICALLY bought my book (rather than through my prying and prodding ??) And, more importantly, how did I rank in Business & Professional Humor over Trivia & Fun Facts ?? Business & Professional Humor is probably the best fit for my book after poker, and the exact kind of books I'd want mine to be recommended alongside.

DOES THIS MEAN my book not only was purchased organically through someone's own free will, but properly recommended by Amazon ??!

Did updating my book categories actually do something ?!

Is painstaking over the Amazon algorithm beginning to produce results ?!?!

I could be way over-thinking this. I may have to consult an expert.

Stay tuned.

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