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Ever wanted to become a poker champion -- through READING?! (Bookworms, I'm looking at you.) A Girl's Guide to Poker is fun, funny, upbeat and so much better than your grandfather's card night.


It's the ultimate book for women wanting to break into the biggest boys club:  the poker table.  Plus it's got good jokes too. 

So you want to play poker.

Maybe it's the challenge. Maybe it's the cash. Maybe you're turned on by guys in hoodies and sunglasses. Whatever the reason, if you're a girl - or guy! - who wants to learn poker, then this book is handier than your high school cheat sheet.

Learn everything from insider poker lingo (bluff! checkraise! snapcall!) to fancy winning plays with the help of easy-to-read mini-chapters and quizzes. Most poker books read like a math textbook. This one reads like Cosmo.

The only poker book that teaches card playing strategy and how to bluff your boyfriend, A Girl's Guide to Poker will make you the belle of the ball - or the cardshark of the casino.

"This book was a quick, fun read. A guide for the total beginner. I'm rating it well because I would actually want to give it to some of the mom friends who frequent my home game crowd because #squadgoals. The biggest asset of this book is its breezy, magazine style voice. Hand histories became more readable, though it was curious at times the hand histories she chose that highlighted pretty weird situations. At times it felt a little more like a biography, which is okay too for a good read. There were a few typos and some creative punctuation that gave the book a self-published feel. This book seemed mostly aimed at a young, live play audience (though she calls online grinders "kids" which is funny because she's 26). Overall, a delightful, humourous book if you're ready for the pinkwashed version of an introduction to poker. Definitely a huge step above reading ancient poker handbooks from the library and thrift stores like I did." Alexandra Chauran, Goodreads

"A funny, informative read on poker (and it’s not *just* for girls)

This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to learn to play poker. Most poker books are dry and logical and have little personality. Other than “logical” this book is witty and useful and kept me engaged from cover to cover. Full disclosure, in my past I’ve been a pretty terrible poker player. While reading this book, I decided to try my “hand” at challenging a few friends online for a friendly game. I was actually able to hold my own because of some of the legit strategies in this book. This isn’t some watered down or dumbed down “chick” version of a poker book. It’s the real deal. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (at times, with laughter), and you’ll learn a thing or two."- Joshua Rivedal

"Witty and informative." - Poker News Daily